So far, practitioners like you have
0 Trees
Planted over 30,500 trees globally.
0 Litres
Kept approx. 139,747 litres of Acu-trash from the landfill.
0 Countries
Spread Acufast to more than 15 countries.

A Revolutionary New Way to Needle

Entering Your Eco-Acupuncture Era

Every element of the Acufast Earth Friendly Needle System has been designed from the perspective of reducing your environmental impact, without compromising quality or efficiency in clinic.

Acufast goes far beyond bulk-packaged needles by offering recyclable and biodegradable packaging, bulk packaging with optional tubes, and innovative accessories.

   Plus, Acufast plants a tree for every 2 boxes of needles you use in your clinic!

See what makes Acufast the most earth-friendly Acupuncture needle available to practitioners.

Ready to try Acufast for yourself?

We want you to experience firsthand Acufast’s high-quality, earth-friendly needles. If you’re a student or practitioner and you’re ready to start using eco-friendly needles and innovative accessories in your clinic, click the button below to fill out a sample request form.