Moving the needle toward a healthier planet.

You’re an acupuncture practitioner, and you care about your patients and the planet. That’s why we developed the industry’s first environmentally low-impact acupuncture needle system. High quality acupuncture needles coupled with biodegradable packaging, reduced and recyclable plastic materials, and bulk packaging with optional tubes – you’ve never seen anything like it!

It would take 13.4 years to produce the same amount of acu-trash with Acufast needles, as it does in 1 year of single tube needle use.

Keeping in mind, Acufast packaging is biodegradable & recyclable, and not likely to end up in the landfill as with other commonly used needle brands. 

What makes Acufast earth friendly?

The Acufast family of products were specially designed to not only reduce waste by eliminating needle trays, chemically treated paper, harmful sterilization gasses and unnecessary plastic retainer tabs, but to also provide acupuncturists with high quality needles and accessories that make having a positive impact on the environment easy and cost effective for your clinic.

Reforest the Planet with Acufast

We plant a tree for every 2 boxes of Acufast used in your clinic!

Acufast believes in the healing power of trees for both the planet and your patients. That is why we have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees around the world every time you buy needles for your clinic.
See how many trees you can plant and how much acu-trash you can save over time by signing up for your FREE personal Acufast Dashboard.

Did you know? A practitioner using an average of 2,000 needles per month, can plant 12 trees per year – that’s 240 trees over the course of a 20-year career!

How does Acufast stack up to other needle brands?

Acu-Trash of 1,000 Needles

One treatment at a time, it might not seem like a lot of acu-trash, but when you pile the tubes, retainers, trays, paper and boxes from 1,000 single tube needles it sure adds up!

Compare that with Acufast. Where 1,000 needles come in 1 small biodegradable box, with 100 fully recyclable pouches made from fully recyclable PET1 plastic. Guide tubes are optional, so no need to throw away unused tubes. Plus, Acufast guide tubes are made with 60% less plastic.

Acufast Box Size

How much space does 1,000 needles require? Whether you’re comparing Acufast to 1,000 single tube needles or another bulk needle brand, Acufast proudly offers the smallest packaging per 1,000 needles available on the market. This means less space is required for shipping, reducing CO2 emissions. Plus, with clinic space at a premium, you can easily keep more Acufast needles on-hand without needing more shelf or storage space.

Cost per Needle

Often it can feel like buying products that are safer for the planet, means we need to spend more of our hard-earned clinic dollars. But with Acufast, it was important that we made our needles both high in quality and accessible in price. While our needles are now available internationally, the price comparisons may vary based on where you practice. 

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Join the Acufast Movement

Simply by using Acufast Earth Friendly Needles in your clinic you are part of the Acufast Movement – a global collective of practitioners committed to helping their patients and the planet.

Want to have a greater impact? Here are two easy next steps:

1. Try our Acu-Trash Calculator and learn how much acu-trash you will save from the landfill

2. Sign up for your FREE Personal Acufast Dashboard to see your acu-trash savings and number of trees planted over time. Plus, get sharable resources for your clinic and other fun bonuses!