#TigerTrash2022 – Lunar New Year Giveaway

Happy Lunar New Year! To celebrate the year of the Water Tiger in 2022, Acufast is giving away 12 Acufast prize packs to 12 lucky practitioners on Instagram. Bring your best tiger energy to your practice by trying Acufast’s Earth Friendly Needles, which is great for you, your practice’s bottom [...]

The Question of Coated or Non-Coated Acupuncture Needles

When we decided to create an Earth Friendly acupuncture needle, it was not out of a financial need, or a need for recognition, it was truly because as practitioners of Acu/TCM we were disheartened at the end of each clinic day with the amount of waste we generated. On top [...]

Acupuncture Now Foundation Supports Green Needling

We here at Acufast Needles are excited to share with you an endorsement of our efforts to reduce needle waste in our profession and our give back to Nature tree planting program. The Acupuncture Now Foundation has worked tirelessly to provide practitioners with resources to help them promote acupuncture [...]

#ItsEasyGoingGreen – Earth Day Giveaway

Acufast Earth Friendly Needles is committed to reducing Acu-Trash and Reforesting the planet every day, but in honour of Earth Month we want to show you #itseasygoinggreen! And to celebrate, we’re giving away 5 Acufast Prize Packs over on Instagram, plus offering a chance to win half a year’s [...]

Say No to Acu-Trash! The Acufast Story

As practitioners of TCM, our health model is closely linked to Nature and its myriad systems of inter-relationships. Thus, it is understandable that you may feel a pang of guilt at the end of the day when you look at the waste produced from needling. I know, I did [...]

Join the Acufast Movement

Simply by using Acufast Earth Friendly Needles in your clinic you are part of the Acufast Movement – a global collective of practitioners committed to helping their patients and the planet.

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