be part of the acufast solution

Vancouver based medical device manufacturer takes on global pollution with their new eco-friendly acupuncture needles. The new needle brand offers a biodegradable package made from sugar cane fiber, reduced and recyclable plastics, and optional tubes that are sold separately.

If only 1000 practitioners switch from individually tubed needles to the new Acufast Eco-Bulk packaged needles, it is estimated that in just one year, over 13,800 Kilos (30,0423 lbs) of acu-trash could be kept out of our landfills.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctor, John Stan, and his partner Kelly Kitchen are the owners of Eastern Currents Ltd. and have licensed the products with Health Canada under the brand Acufast – The Earth Friendly Needle. Their relentless effort to reduce acupuncture waste is garnering a lot of attention as one of the biggest innovations for acupuncture in decades.

As the benefits of acupuncture continue to increase in popularity, so too does the number of practitioners that are continually producing vast amounts of acupuncture waste. With more than 10 million acupuncture sessions being offered annually, the amount of acu-waste is piling up at an alarming rate and Acufast is the answer.

Plastics in our oceans and overloaded garbage dumps require practitioners around the world to be part of the solution and take a stand against acu-trash. Acufast stands behind the quality of their products and the Canadian company takes pride in offering a portion of their profits as a donation to various environmental organizations.