30,500 Trees Planted and Counting

And we’re just getting started!

2024 Tree Donation

In April 2024, Acufast made a tree donation of 12,500 trees on behalf of all practitioners using Acufast Earth Friendly Needles in their clinics. Acufast committed trees to reforestation projects across Canada, California, Australia, and to specific projects committed to reforesting areas devastated by wildfire, and rehabilitating the migration corridors of monarch butterflies in Mexico.

2024 Tree Donation - One Tree Planted

Past Tree Donations

2023 Tree Donation - One Tree Planted

Using Acufast in your clinic is an act of environmental activism

Leading by Example In your Clinic

Today there are many people who choose to spend their hard-earned money with businesses whose values align with theirs. As a clinic using Acufast Earth Friendly Needles, you are reducing plastic waste and planting trees, and your patients want to know.

We invite you to download our printable (PDF) clinic card to have on-hand in your clinic or waiting room to let your patients know that their treatment today helped plant a tree.