April is Earth Month – This is the time to engage the 5 Phases of Planetary Healing!

On April 22, 1970, millions of citizens across America took to the streets to protest the pollution of the natural environment. 52 years later, this one day has continued to be acknowledged around the world with events and protests with estimates of over a 100 million people participating with live in-person and online events.

Gradually this day began to expand from one day, to multiple days, to the point that April just became known as “Earth Month”. Being that April is when the renewal of spring is in full swing, it is the perfect month for all of us to become part of the solution to the crisis now threating our planet.

As both a consumer and clinician, there are ways we can participate both at home and in the clinic. To reduce our eco-footprint, we have the 5 R’s to guide us. They are Recycle, Re-think, Re-use, Refuse and Reduce.  Each one of these actions can be mapped into one of the 5 elemental phases of energy* movement which are cycling through us each day.

Our actions are empowered when we move in accordance with natural energy flows. Use the following table and suggestions to reinforce your resolve to be part of the change needed.

Please feel free to share the above with your patients during Earth month. Encourage them to think about implementing the above ideas as part of their personal healing and the planet’s.

Now, in the clinic, the little things we do each day may seem insignificant, but over time the smallness builds up. If that small thing we do each day is done by millions around the world, the small thing is now a big issue.

The small thing I am referring to here is the use of individually packaged acupuncture needles or bulk packed needles that take up excessive space and use excess packaging resulting in needle waste.

Here’s how switching to Acufast needles effortlessly helps you be a part of the change. The 5 – phases of Acufast are:

If you have already switched to Acufast, fantastic! You are now not only applying the 5R’s as listed above, but you are planting trees with every two boxes of needles you use! If you haven’t switched yet, this is the month to do so.

Let’s all invest in the 5 phases of energy inherent in nature and do what we need to do in both our homes and in the clinic. April, as Earth Month, has the power of Spring to push for change and improve our ways! Use it! Together we can help restore our planet and ensure a healthy future for the next generations.

*All energy moves through yin yang cycles of low energy to high energy back to low energy. These cycles can be further broken down into phases that are distinct. They are as follows: energy in its lowest state, energy increasing, energy in its maximum state, energy in a stable state (not increasing nor decreasing), and energy decreasing. These distinct, observable phases are not only generative to each other but, in a tensegrity way, control each other such that the movement of energy as it flows through its cycle is harmonious. Health is an expression of the free flow of energy through all aspects of the individual (ie: body/mind/spirit). A TCM/Acupuncturist can use this knowledge to determine where in the cycle of the elemental phases an excess or deficiency is occurring that will contribute to a health imbalance. (Back to main article)






About the Author: John Stan
John Stan is the founder and co-owner of Eastern Currents Ltd., the Vancouver Canada based manufacturer of the Acufast needles. Eastern Currents is also an importer and national distributor of acupuncture/natural heath products. John is also a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine with over 30 years of experience.

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