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Why You'll Love Your Acufast Dashboard

  • Track your acu-trash savings and number of trees planted over time
  • Get FREE downloadable resources to share in your clinic and online
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Getting the Most Out of Your Acufast Dashboard

See Your Impact at a Glance

When you switch to Acufast Earth Friendly Needles, you’ll be reducing the amount of acu-trash destined for the landfill with your very first treatment. Plus, with every two boxes of Acufast you use, we’ll plant a tree on your behalf as part of our commitment to reforesting the planet. Sure, you can do the math to keep track of the positive environmental impact your practice is having, OR, you can simply log in to your dashboard and see your acu-trash savings and number of trees planted at a glance!

Free Printables for Your Clinic

Now more than ever people are choosing to do business with companies and people who share their values. Your Acufast Dashboard gives you access to free resources for your clinic – like our Acufast Clinic Card – to let your clients and patients know that you are part of a needle waste reduction and reforestation program.

Our fun, free resources are designed to update automatically to showcase how many trees you have personally planted by using Acufast!

Fun Graphics to Share & Spread the Movement

Spread the word by letting your patients and colleagues know about the amazing environmental impact you’re making by using Acufast Earth Friendly Needles. Your dashboard gives you access to fun “brag-worthy” badges celebrating your eco-accomplishments, and fun graphics to post to Instagram and other social channels.

And so much more!

Like opportunities to win Acufast prizes, and insider access to new Acufast products and news!