What Makes Acufast Earth Friendly?

The Acufast family of products were specially designed to not only reduce waste by eliminating needle trays, chemically treated paper, harmful sterilization gasses and unnecessary plastic retainer tabs, but to also provide acupuncturists with high quality needles and accessories that make having a positive impact on the environment easy and cost effective for your clinic.

Earth Conscious Needles

Acufast needles offer a spring-style handle and are made from high quality surgical-grade stainless-steel for smooth, uniform, and painless insertion. Different needles carry different environmental burdens, and by eliminating plastic and copper handles, Acufast needles offers a greener alternative for practitioners.

Biodegradable & Eco-Bulk Packaging

The reduced needle pouch size enables Acufast to have the smallest box on the market per 1000 needles. We went a step further to ensure a reduced ecological footprint by using biodegradable sugar cane fiber for the needle boxes. No trees were cut down to make the boxes Acufast needles come in!

Acufast Accessories

From the Acuclip, to Acubase, to the Needle Wrist Launcher, Acufast has an accessory that will suit your preferred needling style and improve your efficiency, while reducing needle waste due to contamination and accidental needle drop.

Easy Tear & Recyclable Pouch Packs

Needle and guide tube pouch packs are made from PET 1 plastic and are easily recyclable in most curbside recycling programs. The clearly marked and notched pouches make opening them a breeze. Say good-bye to hard to open packages and needle spillage.

Optional Guide Tubes with 60% Less Plastic

Engineered to be compact and flexible, these tubes use 60% less plastic than standard tubes and provide the ability to explore a variety of new needling techniques. Made from polypropylene (#5), they are recyclable in some commercial recycling programs (not curbside programs).

Gamma Ray Sterilization

The use of gamma ray sterilization means harmful emissions caused by ethylene oxide sterilization commonly used in the needle industry are eliminated. Gamma ray sterilization also has a longer duration from date of manufacture.

Acufast’s Commitment to Planting Trees

Acufast works with One Tree Planted to plant 1 tree for every 2 boxes of Acufast used in your clinic. This means, that if you average 2,000 needles per month, over a 20-year career, you will plant a minimum of 240 trees!

Ready to try Acufast for yourself?

We want you to experience firsthand Acufast’s high-quality, earth-friendly needles. If you’re a student or practitioner and you’re ready to start using eco-friendly needles and innovative accessories in your clinic, click the button below to fill out a sample request form.