How many tubes should I order with each box of Acufast?

30% of practitioners don't use guide tubes, so to prevent unused tubes from ending up in the trash, Acufast offers them separately from the needles. Ordering tubes separately is new for a lot of practitioners and the most common question we receive is: "How many pouches of tubes should I [...]


Can I use Acufast needles with E-stim?

Yes, you can use the needles with e-stimulation for up to 30 minutes. We recommend that you use only stimulators that are designed with alternating bi-polar frequencies to reduce any ionic charge building up on the needle shaft.


Can I use Acufast needles with moxa?

You can use indirect moxa with these needles. When moxa on the needle is required, then we recommend using a moxa needle cap. These little stainless steel holders slip over the handle of the needle. The convenient moxa holding tray that forms the lower part of the holder ensures that [...]