Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below you’ll find answers to all of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that we receive about Acufast Earth Friendly Needles. If you still have questions after reading below, please hit the question mark in the menu to send us your question!

Can I use Acufast needles with moxa?2021-05-06T11:03:44-07:00

You can use indirect moxa with these needles. When moxa on the needle is required, then we recommend using a moxa needle cap. These little stainless steel holders slip over the handle of the needle. The convenient moxa holding tray that forms the lower part of the holder ensures that the moxa punk does not slip off the handle. All regular consent and precautions are still required when using these moxa holders as risks associated with ash and burning substances need to be appropriately managed.

Can I use Acufast needles with E-stim?2021-05-06T11:06:20-07:00

Yes, you can use the needles with e-stimulation for up to 30 minutes. We recommend that you use only stimulators that are designed with alternating bi-polar frequencies to reduce any ionic charge building up on the needle shaft.

Does the silicone coating reduce conductivity with e-stim?2021-05-06T11:06:12-07:00

The silicone layer is minute and there is no discernable loss of conductivity with e-stim.

Is the whole needle coated with silicone? Or just the tip?2021-05-06T11:13:45-07:00

The needles are coated up to 80% of the shaft allowing for a smooth needling experience for the patient. For those patients who have sensitives or allergies to medical-grade silicone, we recommend the non-coated version of our product.

How soon must the needles in the pack be used after opening?2021-05-06T11:25:29-07:00

If the needles are left in the pouch pack and clipped with the Acuclip, they remain aseptic for 24 hours. We recommend if there are any unused needles remaining in the pack at the end of the day, that the needles are safely parked on your clinic counter or tray using the Acubase and covered for protection overnight. For periods longer than 24 hours we recommend disposing of any unused needles.

Can I use the needles from an open pack on two different patients?2021-05-06T11:25:20-07:00

As the needles are safely contained in the pouch pack you can use the open pack on multiple patients. If you use tubes, we recommend that you have a unique tube for each patient.

Can I save unused needles in a pouch pack and use them again on the same patient in a future treatment?2021-05-06T11:24:11-07:00

We do not recommend saving needles in the open pouch pack for longer than 24 hours.

Does the magnetic Acuclip help maintain sterility of the needles after opening?2021-05-06T11:23:34-07:00

The “magnetic” nature of the clip does not affect or enhance sterility itself. The fact that the magnetic clip tightly holds the shafts of the needles between the top and bottom layer of the pouch conveniently reduces airflow and possible contamination of the shafts of the needle. The net effect is that the shafts of the needles remain in a clean field for a longer time than other packaging methods.

How does using Acufast needles help me grow a forest?2024-01-11T12:30:18-08:00

For every 2 boxes of needles sold, we are committed to planting 1 tree. We work with One Tree Planted to participate in planting projects across the globe.

If you see 8 patients a day, 5 days a week, and use an average of 20 needles per patient that’s roughly 38 boxes of Acufast needles per year – or 19 trees planted! Over a 20 year career, that could be approximately 384 trees – an actual forest!!

What parts of the Acufast packaging are fully recyclable?2021-05-06T11:58:44-07:00

Each needle box is made with biodegradable sugar cane fiber that is both recyclable and compostable. The needle and guide tube pouch packs are made from PET, or no. 1, plastic, and is the most widely recyclable plastic available. You may wish to double-check with your community curbside recycling program, but typically PET plastics are accepted. Otherwise, the pouch packs can easily be recycled at your local zero-waste recycling depot.

What is Gamma Ray sterilization?2021-05-06T11:37:53-07:00

Gamma Ray sterilization uses radiation to sterilize the needles, and typically the only byproduct of this sterilization process is ozone. In comparison, the conventional method for sterilizing needles is with ethylene oxide, which has been classified as a human carcinogen and long-term exposure is known to be harmful to human health and to the environment. Another benefit of Gama Ray sterilization lasts for 5 years!

How many tubes should I order with each box of Acufast?2021-12-07T14:12:20-08:00

30% of practitioners don’t use guide tubes, so to prevent unused tubes from ending up in the trash, Acufast offers them separately from the needles. Ordering tubes separately is new for a lot of practitioners and the most common question we receive is: “How many pouches of tubes should I add to my order?”

In general, apply the following formula to see how many pouches of 5 tubes you need to order with your needles:

Calculate the average number of same size needles used on one patient then divide this number by 1000. Since tubes are sold in pouches of 5, divide this number by 5 to determine the number of pouches needed.

20 needles/patient
1000 needles/box

1000 / 20 = 50 tubes per box of 1000 needles
50 tubes / 5 per pouch = 10 pouches

Can I order a sample pack?2021-05-06T11:49:47-07:00

Yes! Please fill out our sample request form and we will connect you with your local distributor.

I don’t see a distributor for my area. How can I order Acufast needles?2024-01-24T12:57:55-08:00

We are working diligently to expand our distribution to all parts of the world, and we really appreciate your enthusiasm and patience while we get this setup. 

I am a student and we don’t have Acufast needles in our student clinic. How can I try Acufast?2021-05-06T11:50:22-07:00

We would be happy to send you an Acufast Sample pack. Please fill out our Sample Request Form and we will connect you with a distributor in your area.

Can I buy uncoated Acufast needles?2021-05-06T11:50:33-07:00

Yes! Non-coated Acufast needles are now available. Please see our Needle Size Chart for our current sizes.

Some distributors may not have all sizes available. If this is the case in your area, please contact us for guidance on how to receive the needle sizes you require.