Register here to be an Earth Steward – When you buy Acufast you grow a Forest!

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Waste calculator and Forest Generator is up and running!

Here is an overview of what is coming!

Acufast has partnered with the One Tree Planted Organization, to create a full circle, 360 degree opportunity for practitioners to not only reduce needle waste and carbon emissions, but as you buy boxes of needles, trees will be planted!

Soon you will be able to be an active part of planetary change by registering here on our website database.

While doing so, you can enter your current brand, your standard amount of needles usage per month and Shazam! You will see the amount of waste you would reduce and the number of trees you could potentially be planting over the year, by using the Acufast needle in your clinic. You also have the option to log on to your forest account, and log the number of boxes you purchased each month.

By doing so, you will see the current number of trees you planted in a nice graphic, but also how much waste you saved in the landfill at the same time! You can also see how big your forest is from the start date and the total amount of waste reduced! As you grow your forest you get badges for every levels of accomplishment and a pdf sign, that you can print out and post in your clinic to share your involvement in this socially responsible waste reduction campaign.

Here are a couple of examples for in the clinic or posting online.

You can show your clients that your clinic is environmentally conscious and is making every effort to reduce waste. On top of that you are also giving back to the environment by planting trees!

Stay tuned and join in on our world wide campaign!

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