Discover the Environmental Impact You Can Make with Acufast Needles

  • What does a year of acu-trash look like in your clinic?
  • How much can you reduce your acu-trash by switching to Acufast?
  • How many trees could you plant with Acufast?

How to Use the Acu-Trash Calculator

Click the “Calculate my Acu-Trash” button below and simply follow the prompts to calculate how much acu-trash is generated per month based on your preferred needle brand and typical needle usage.

You’ll see how much you can reduce your acu-trash with a simple switch to Acufast needles, and see how many trees Acufast will plant every month as part of the Acufast Movement.

Don’t forget to register an account, and we’ll track your reforestation progress over time and offer free resources to share your environmental commitments with your patients and your colleagues.

See Your Impact Over Time

By using Acufast products in your clinic, your environmental impact is two-fold:

  • Significantly reduce your acu-waste
  • Reforest our planet with every two boxes of Acufast you buy

Officially join the Acufast Movement, and register with us to gain access to a dashboard where you can see your waste reduction and the number of trees planted over time.


Click the button below to find an Acufast distributor near you. Your patients and our planet thank you.

Share Your Commitment to the Acufast Movement

Now, more than ever, people are choosing to support businesses that share their values. When you register and join the Acufast movement, you can access and download sharable posters and badges that show your commitment to reducing waste and planting trees.

  • Share your badges, posters, or photos of you using Acufast in your clinic on Instagram and your website.

  • Tag @acufast and use the hashtag #acufastearthsteward on Instagram.

Growing a Forest with Acufast

Acufast has partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees around the world every time you buy needles for your clinic. Complete your Waste Calculator to see how many trees you could plant with a simple switch to Acufast needles.