🛑 Stop Throwing Unused Plastic Tubes in the Trash

30% of practitioners don’t use tubes when needling, so we’re taking a stand against forcing all bulk-needle users to deal with unused plastic guide tubes. Instead, Acufast offers guide tubes a-la-carte, in recyclable pouches of 5 tubes. Acufast tubes are also compact and flexible, yet still provide rigidity for a variety of needling techniques. They’re made with 60% less plastic and come in a fully-recyclable pouch pack, so practitioners who prefer a tube can use them while also knowing they’re reducing their environmental footprint.

Pinchable & Flexible Guide Tubes Made With 60% Less Plastic

Acufast tubes are compact and flexible but still provide rigidity that allows for a variety of needling techniques. The reduced size means less plastic is used per tube, and separate packaging from the needles means less waste. Tubes are available in pouches of 5, separate from the needles to prevent un-used, wasted tubes ending up in the landfill.

Guide Tube Features

  • Guide tubes are flexible and pinchable, allowing you to easily load and hold the needle within the tube.
  • Made with 60% less plastic than conventional guide tubes.
  • Available in pouches of 5.

  • Guide tube pouch packs are 100% recyclable and are made from PET1 plastic. 

Eco-Friendly Features

  • Guide tubes are optional and available separately so unused guide tubes don’t end up in the trash.

  • Guide tubes are made using 60% less plastic than conventional tubes.

  • Guide tube pouch packs are 100% recyclable and are made from PET1 plastic.

Acufast Guide Tubes Training

How Many Tubes Do I Need to Order?

The most common question we receive from practitioners who use tubes is, “How do I know how many tubes I need to add to my order?”

A Simple Formula:

  • Calculate the average number of same size needles used on one patient then divide this number by 1000.
  • The resulting number should be the number of tubes you will need to purchase for each box.
  • Next, further divide this number by 5 to determine the number of pouches.
  • Do this calculation for each size needle that you use in your clinic.

An Example:

  • In general, assume you use 20 same-sized needles for each patient (10 on the front and 10 on the back).
    • (1000/20) = 50 tubes total per box of 1,000 needles
  • Now take the number of tubes you need and divide by
    • 50 tubes / 5 = 10 pouches
  • Therefore, since each pouch of tubes contains 5 tubes I would need 10 pouches.

Join the Acufast Movement

Simply by using Acufast Earth Friendly Needles in your clinic you are part of the Acufast Movement – a global collective of practitioners committed to helping their patients and the planet.

Want to have a greater impact? Here are two easy next steps:

1. Try our Acu-Trash Calculator and learn how much acu-trash you will save from the landfill

2. Sign up for your FREE Personal Acufast Dashboard to see your acu-trash savings and number of trees planted over time. Plus, get sharable resources for your clinic and other fun bonuses!