Launch Your Needles like a Pro with the Acufast Needle Launcher

The Acufast Needle Wrist Launcher allows you to carry your active needles conveniently on your wrist so that your hands are free to palpate and find points. When you are ready to insert a needle, the AFN Wrist Launcher has your tube and needles literally right at your fingertips and ready to go!


  • Take the AFN Wrist launcher and position it in your non dominant hand with the magnetic base between your thumb and index finger and the AF logo, on the free end of the strap, in the down position.

  • Release the free end and pull away so that it is no longer attached to the underlying soft Velcro area.

  • Take the strap and pull the free end of the AFN Wrist launcher strap (Acufast Logo indicates the free end) way from the underlying soft Velcro loop area.

    Place the fingers of your free hand on the soft Velcro loop area and pull the strap towards you to create a wide open loop.

    Slide your fingers and hand into the loop and position the base on the outside of the wrist, proximal to the wrist crease.

  • Tighten the strap by pulling on the free end to your comfort level. Note the AFN Wrist launcher base should be resting lightly on the wrist and with little or no movement when the wrist is rotated side to side.

    An optional foam resting pad may be used between the base and skin for additional comfort during long periods of use. (note: resting pad may or may not be available with purchase, if it is not available, any thin foam piece of material may be used as a substitute)

  • The AFN Wrist Launcher is now ready to use! Simply select your needle size along with its Acuclip/Acubase assembly and place it on the AFN Wrist Launcher base with the handles pointing towards your fingertips and you are ready to start finding points and needling!

Acufast Needle Wrist Launcher Training

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